PattyFest Workshop Schedule for 2017




9:30 AM Luanna Moore
Touch the instruments-lap & hammered dulcimers, bowed psaltry, guitar, fiddle, banjo & auto harp.
Harmonica's and pennywhistles can be purchased at registration area.
Rock Garton
Fiddle-Beginner/Novice-how to tune the fiddle,  show you some bow strokes  that you can incorporate
into any music that you play, play an easy tune  or two by ear (tunes that you have in your head already),
discuss the rhythm of Old Time  Music to help your music come alive, and discuss   where and how
you can advance your fiddling beyond this workshop.
Judy Werner Lap Dulcimer-Beginners
Luther Michael & Bertha Wilson Harmonica-Beginners-key of C-available for purchase
Jimmy Robbins


11:00 AM Don Hamilton
Designed to teach how to count the various rhythms used in playing Irish Jigs in 6/8 rhythms--in a
simplified manner. If you have ever had problems in this area, this workshop is a must.
Bill Schilling
Ukulele Jam-We will start with instruction on a few chords and strumming as needed. Then we will go 
from simple to more complicated songs that everybody can play (or try to play) and sing. Other instruments  
are welcome as long as the  emphasis stays on the ukes. We will start in the key of C and may go 
to G and D. Players will learn how to read ukulele chord charts, will learn some basics of strumming, 
and will play chords for accompanying lead instruments or vocals.
Beth Sherman
Touch the instruments-lap & hammered dulcimers, bowed psaltry, guitar, fiddle, banjo & auto harp
Harmonica's and pennywhistles can be purchased at registration area.
Joe Paull
Guitar- Beginners- learning the notes of the fretboard in the first position.  Learning two scales: one 
in the key of C and one in G.Triads (chords) will be explained and related to keys.  Participants will 
learn to play and sing at least one song  during the workshop.
Ken Shellar Hammered Dulcimer-Beginners/Novice-a few to try on
Kiara Williams Flat Foot workshop- all ages
Patrick Brooks
Creating With Confidence From A Sound Foundation- all instruments welcome
12:30 PM Les Caraher
Swing Guitar-Intermediate-will cover a basic rhythm technique called 'comping'- a set of moveable major 
and  minor chord voicings using modified barre chords-lazy-man transition chord techniques and a 
practical use of the  Circle of Fifths in Tin Pan Alley songs from the golden age of swing - 1900-1940.
Beth Sherman
Slow Jam-all instruments-share some thoughts as to how to improve your participation in a jam session.
Learn some new jam tunes to add to your repetoire.
Jamie Green Mandolin-Beginners
Jeff Fedan
Hammered Dulcimer-Intermediate-Take a tune and make an arrangement out of it. Playing only the melody 
of a tune.When playing by yourself, soon becomes uninteresting.  We’ll take a lovely north central West Virginia  
tune and put some meat on it.
Rick Snider Pennywhistle-Beginners-some for purchase
2:00 PM Luanna Moore Lap Dulcimer-Intermediate
Mary Caraher
Vocals-In this workshop we will learn two-and three-part harmony by ear, working with familiar folk and gospel 
songs. All levels of singers are welcome - beginners will find that they too can sing harmony!
Susie Jones Autoharp-Beginning/Intermediate
Don Hamilton
Reading music rhythms- playing Irish Jigs in 6/8 rhythms.  If you have ever had problems in this area,
you will come out knowing how to read 6/8 time.
3:30 PM Mark Lynch


Rick Snider Pennywhistle-Intermediate-old-time & irish tunes
Barbara Butler Bowed Psaltry- Beginners-psaltries available to borrow during workshop
Gene Thorn

Bodhran-beaters and pizza boxes will be available for those who don't have a bodhran

John Lozier
Harp-showing beginning and intermediate folk harpist how to play "by ear"
Connie Price Clogging Workshop- all ages
5:00 PM Jeff Fedan Spoons- some spoons will be available to use
Luanna Moore Slow Jam-all instruments
Sarah Sink Fiddle-Intermediate
Dewey Sanderson
Hammered Dulcimer-Intermediate-chords and progression- This workshop will start with a review of the 
chord structure  for the various keys of the hammered dulcimer and the system by which they are named  
and designated. The sequence of chords, their progression, can be a basis for arranging and embellishing   
a tune. Examples will be given.